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basic 2 day training / training & ride

Our 2 Day Basic Training Course introduces you to off-road riding on big adventure bikes: You are free to choose between a BMW F850GS or R1250GS. Our goal is for you to become a confident rider on gravel roads and trails. We prepare you for your next adventure ride: This is the perfect preparation for riders whose dream it is to travel through any country off the beaten tracks. 

Basic 2  day TRAINING              790€


Day 1 starts with slow-speed handling training at our Enduropark. You will practise the basics of enduro riding through slaloms, u-turns and braking. On Day 2 we will add uphill and downhill rides to improve your off-road skills. On both days you will be instructed according to the official BMW Motorrad standards. 

Included in the 2 day training

  • 2 Lunches and 1 Dinner
  • R1250GS/F850GS for the 2 days + Petrol
  • BMW IIA Offroad Instructor

Additional costs: All services that are not listed in the included tour price chapter like flights, airport transfer, hotels and tips. 

Training dates for booking

Dates 2019

october 2019

201904octAll DayBasic Off-Road TrainingDate: 04.10.2019 - 05.10.2019(All Day: friday)

november 2019

201908novAll DayBasic Off-Road TrainingDate: 08.11.2019 - 09.11.2019(All Day: friday)

december 2019

201906decAll DayBasic Off-Road TrainingDate: 06.12.2019 - 07.12.2019(All Day: friday)

Dates 2020

january 2020

202003janAll DayBasic Off-Road TrainingDate: 03.01.2020 - 04.01.2020(All Day: friday)

february 2020

202007febAll DayBasic Off-Road TrainingDate: 07.02.2020 - 08.02.2020(All Day: friday)

march 2020

202006marAll DayBasic Off-Road TrainingDate: 06.03.2020 - 07.03.2020(All Day: friday)

april 2020

202010aprAll DayBasic Off-Road TrainingDate: 10.04.2020 - 11.04.2020(All Day: friday)

may 2020

202001mayAll DayBasic Off-Road TrainingDate: 01.05.2020 - 02.05.2020(All Day: friday)


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