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Days of Dust – Adventure Rally 2023


October 31 to November 5, 2023. ANDALUSIA – SPAIN

The Days of Dust – Adventure rally is on again! The third edition of our adventure rally leads us into the LAS SIERRAS of Andalusia. Pre-Registration is on! Stay tuned…
What’s happening during the event?
Every day is a new adventure: in small groups you navigate through the Andalusian back country, using only a GPS device and the tracks provided by the EPA Team at the beginning of the event. You can expect dusty days as 70 percent of the route is off-road.
During two dust challenges per day you will have to proof your motorcycle riding and problem solving skills.
Every day you have the choice between an easy and a hard section. Extra points are given to the riders choosing the hard sections.
Who wins the Days of Dust 2023?
The rider who performs best in navigation, the dust challenges and the finals on day 4 in the Enduropark Andalusia  wins the Days of Dust 2023.

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Even though you are riding in small teams during Days of Dust (DOD), the scoring is done individually per rider.

You can choose your riding buddies at the welcome day and change your team on a daily basis.

When registering, you are free to join for fun or for competition. The DOD is of course all about Adventure Bike riding, but a big part is making friends and connecting with other off-road riders. It is all about communication, enjoying Andalusia with our chosen event locations and last but not least about finding out who are the best adventure riders of the event. Nevertheless it is about enjoying the spirit of the adventure rider community.


  • 4 DOD riding days.
  • Riding in small groups (no guides).
  • 2 challenges per day (individual ranking).
  • GPS Tracks at registration.
  • EPA Sweeper team.
  • EPA Dust Challenges Team.
  • Final course in the Enduropark Andalusia.


  • 2 cylinders or more (exception: BMW F 650 GS).
  • Off-road tires.
  • Off-road Rider’s gear.
  • Navigation device. (Garmin or mobile solution)
  • Off-road experience.
  • Team Spirit.

The details will be shared with you after registration and 4 weeks prior to the event.


  • Arrival Day: On October 31st the event starts with a rider briefing in our partner hotel in the backcountry of Málaga. The details for the following days will be shared with you during this briefing and afterwards every participant receives the tracks and waypoints for the event.
  • DOD Day 1: 2 challenges
  • DOD Day 2: 2 challenges.
  • DOD Day 3: 2 challenges.
  • DOD Day 4: Final skills challenge at EPA and winner’s ceremony.
  • Departure Day: November 5th.

Each evening you have to bring your GPS device to the DOD HQ (Days of Dust Headquarter). There the tracks will be checked for the routes you chose during the day.

Days of Dust – Packages

DOD Basic – 750€

included in the 750€ DOD Basic pack:

  • Inscription fee.
  • Participation in the challenges (2 challenges/day).
  • Off-road Tracks of the event (4 riding days).
  • 4 Dinners and participation in the evening events (no drinks included).
  • Support (EPA Sweeper Team).
  • Days of Dust present.


DOD Accommodation – 1.200€

included in the 1200€ DOD Accommodation pack:

  • Everything included in the DOD Basic Pack.
  • 5 nights Bed & Breakfast in double room.


DOD Full Pack – 1.800€

included in the 1.800€ DOD Full pack:

  • Everything included in the DOD Basic Pack.
  • DOD Accommodation Pack.
  • Rental R1250GS for 4 days.


If you decide for the DOD Basic Pack, we will provide you with an accommodation / camping list. At the event you will receive the waypoints where to find the evening events.

Days of Dust – Event Registration

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